Are Vouchers An “Old School” Marketing Tactic?

Vouchers may seem like an old-school marketing tactic compared to shiny new digital methods. You may remember your parents cutting out coupons from newspapers and magazines or carrying around paper vouchers in their wallets. In fact, vouchers are old school. It was first invented in 1887 by Coca-Cola. Asa Candler, the founder of the Coca-Cola […]

5 Benefits of Using Digital Vouchers

Thanks to advances in internet and mobile connectivity technology, we live in a world that has been forever transformed into one where digital is fast becoming the most preferred lifestyle platform. From shopping, to learning, to entertainment, to information – many things in life that used to require a physical presence are now going virtual. […]

How Safe is Your Digital Payment?

There’s no denying that making payments with digital payment is faster, easier, and more convenient than conventional payment methods like cash or credit cards. These days, you can use digital wallets to buy just about anything whether online or at an on-site retailer. By reducing the dependency on cash, digital payment decreases risks of handling […]

The End Of Paper Money In 10 Years?

The global digital payments industry has seen many innovations over the past few years, including mobile wallets, P2P mobile payments, real-time payments and cryptocurrencies which have drawn many users. Since 2020, billions of people around the world had to change the way they live, work, and shop. This has accelerated consumers switch to alternative touchless payment […]

Bundling: should you DIY or hire a tech partner?

It’s a well-known fact that bundling holds great advantages for telcos and content providers. For telcos, they can leverage the value that OTT platforms like video streaming services bring to raise customer loyalty. In a world of free call and text messaging apps, telcos around the world continue to struggle to capture revenue from their […]

How telcos can raise the game with their bundling strategy

Globally, Video-On-Demand (VOD) companies and telcos had teamed up to launch 452 bundle or add-on partnerships by the end of Q3 2020, according to Omdia. On average, a telco has 1.9 VOD bundle partnerships while consumers subscribe to 3 to 5 different VODs. Bundling holds great advantages for telcos. They can leverage OTT platforms like […]

Why Mobile Wallets Are Overtaking Credit Cards

Credit cards are still a popular cashless payment today, since it was invented way back in the 1950s. It is still one of the popular payment choices globally, because of all the measures it has to protect consumers. However, only 10% of all global consumers own a credit card. This is partly due to strict […]