Storefront – An Effective Monetisation Strategy For Telcos

Across the world, telcos are looking for various ways to deliver value both to customers and shareholders today. The demand for seamless and superlative experiences is ever rising, while margins continue to be pressured. Growth has slowed in telcos’ core businesses of voice, messaging and connectivity has become increasingly commoditized, even as they have to continuously make huge capital investments to keep pace with new connectivity technology.

Telcos recognise the need to transform in order to adapt to the challenging market conditions. To spur revenue growth, telcos around the world are exploring new channels and opportunities to capture value. Boost Connect has strong relationship with telcos in the ASEAN region and have enabled multiple beneficial partnerships.

However, an organization-wide overhaul may be difficult due to legacy issues, not to mention the need to maintain a running business built on legacy systems. Having said that, telcos’ core businesses still hold many monetisation opportunities. Telcos can capture such opportunities by launching new services to cash in on 5G use cases, or to create new services to capture niche or underserved customer segments. Many operators are also seeking to adopt digital-attacker strategy in the effort to create new businesses beyond connectivity.

A digital attacker strategy involves creating new digital propositions as secondary or sub-brands that complement the current offerings. With this approach, telcos are able to quickly launch differentiated services on new digital platforms and independently from the legacy business

At Boost Connect, we are always evolving ahead of the technological advancements in our increasingly digital world. We help our partners identify new monetisation opportunities as well as execute the technology to best capitalise on them.

One of the key digital attacker strategies that Boost Connect offers telcos today is to integrate with our white label digital storefront solution.

Creating New Opportunities With Boost Connects Digital Storefront Solution

Boost Connect’s innovative white-label storefront solution are ready-to-go solutions that enable telcos to fulfil the rapid growth in consumer demand for digital content across gaming and entertainment. We see exciting potential in this solution, as there is no centralized platform for users to buy & consume digital contents in most markets.

A storefront for digital products enables telcos to quickly ramp up their offerings. It also serves to create more excitement for the legacy telco brand, as these new offerings serve to enrich their end-users’ digital lifestyle demands. They will be more than just a connectivity needs provider – they would become more relevant and preferred to uses because of their ability to provide more value and convenience to their users’ digital lifestyle. Ultimately, it is a great opportunity for telcos to add revenue streams while improving customer retention.

A McKinsey & Co.[1] report found that new digital-attacker brands contribute approximately 25% of the overall gross additional subscribers to incumbent telcos within four quarters following their launch.

How Boost Connects Digital Storefront Solution Works For Telcos

Some operators have started building digital storefronts as digital- attacker units to better serve customer needs and ultimately to retain them. This approach can often be less expensive and disruptive, as well as more successful than a holistic reimagination of the business. When done well, the nimble nature of these units can be strong growth vehicles for telcos.

Here’s how Boost Connect’s Storefront provides a simple solution for telcos to create a new stream of revenue.

  • Boost Connect creates a white label digital storefront for the telco client
  • Boost Connect publishes and manages the digital content on the storefront
  • Boost Connect integrates the telco’s existing systems to the digital storefront
  • The customer discovers digital content
  • The user selects the content, pays through the telco’s prescribed channels and accesses the content immediately

The seamless integration between the telco client and the storefront solution enabled by Boost Connect allows customers to easily access and purchase the digital contents they want, without having to leave the telco client’s ecosystem. A customer simply opens the telcos’ CRM app or website, shop on the telco’s storefront, and pay with the method they prefer within the app or website.

At Boost Connect, we have earned a strong reputation as a solutions provider to telcos, enabling them to improve their customer reach, acquisition and monetisation. Our deep understanding of business strategies and market-leading expertise have enabled over 100 partners to gain access to over 1 billion consumers across Asia.

Call us and allow our experts to show you how you can leverage our Digital Storefront solution for long-term monetization opportunities.