‘Stretch’ – First of It’s Kind Content Loan Solution

Imagine this: a mobile customer is playing Clash of Clans. He is progressing nicely in building his village but is suddenly attacked by overwhelming enemy forces. He decides to purchase some gems to quickly rebuild and strengthen his defenses. But his prepaid credit has run out.

Mobile content, especially games, are very popular with prepaid users’ digital experience. However, most mobile games are built on in-app purchase model, rather than a one-time purchase. It is a normal practice for mobile gamers to make in-app purchases on their phones.

For post-paid customers, this is not much of an issue as any in-game or other digital purchases will simply be charged to their monthly bill at the end of the billing cycle with Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

However, prepaid mobile customers often face the frustration of insufficient credit when they want to purchase digital content. They may be able to make purchases through other payment platforms, but that takes away from the seamless experience. The user will have to stop the game and make the purchase on an independent platform.

Not anymore.

Boost Connect, is now offering Malaysians the option to access an innovative and novel digital content loan solution called ‘Stretch’. 

Stretch was developed by Boost Connect after our research showed that over the majority of customers in Southeast Asia had aborted their digital content purchase because there was insufficient balance in their prepaid balance.

With this insight, we developed Stretch to solve this challenge.

How Stretch works

Stretch is an innovative solution that enables prepaid customers to experience the seamless purchase of digital entertainment and gaming content right from their mobile. that bridges the gap

With Stretch, prepaid customers now can now enjoy the same convenience as post-paid customers when it comes to digital purchases. When making an in-app purchase, prepaid customers are now able to simply complete the transaction even when they do not have a sufficient credit balances.

Stretch will process the transaction and advance the funds required to cover the purchase. The advanced amount will then be automatically billed to the prepaid customer the next time they top up their prepaid credit. This makes for a very convenient experience for prepaid users.

Driving Customer Acquisition And Retention With Stretch

Considering the ever-growing demand for digital content, Stretch will support mobile operators’ efforts to drive the acquisition and retention of customers.

Enabling a superior digital experience for prepaid customers will allow mobile operators to carve out a new segment for themselves. By partnering with Boost Connect to roll out Stretch on their platforms, mobile operators will be able to provide a solution that addresses an important pain point of prepaid customers.

Stretch is an important and game-changing value-add solution that allows prepaid customers to purchase their favourite content without hassle or interruption. Everyone wins! Stretch’s real-time credit allowance allows a transaction to be completed, a new level in a game to be achieved or a video to have a happy ending. The customer wins, the merchant wins and the MNO wins.

At Boost Connect, we have earned a strong reputation as a solutions provider to telcos, enabling them to improve their customer reach, acquisition and monetisation. We currently serve over 100 digital partners and over 1 billion customers via mobile operators, eWallet providers and others with a multi-country rollout across Asia.

Stretch is a subset of the innovative portfolio of products by Boost Connect which includes Storefront, Digital Voucher Platform, Bundling, Buy Now Pay Later, Subscription Engine and Direct Carrier Billing, amongst others.

Call us and allow our experts to show you how you can leverage our Digital Storefront solution for long-term monetization opportunities.