Why You Should Diversify Your Mobile Game Monetization Strategy

Why You Should Diversify Your Mobile Game Monetization Strategy

 It took you a lot of money, time, and effort to build and launch a mobile game, and now you can rightly feel proud seeing it in app stores. While having a free game on the app store is great, what is going to keep you going in the business is when you see financial returns on your project.

So there is an opportunity for game developers to successfully monetize their mobile games. But it’s not a great idea to put all your monetisation eggs in one basket. Like any other business, diversifying your revenue strategies will decrease your risks and give you more options to increase your income.

Apigate’s game monetization solutions can help you can increase your revenue. Here are two solutions that you can easily plug into to start building your additional monetisation streams.

1.Pay Per Download

The easiest and classic way to monetize your app is when users pay for downloading it from Apigate’s telco partners. The monetisation model for pay per download is a revenue share between the developer and the telco.

The first and most obvious advantage working with a telco is the huge audience reach thus offering higher downloads. With our strong partnerships with mobile operators and eWallets throughout Asia, we connect game developers to their strong subscriber base.

This model provided developers with instant access to the telco’s pool of subscribers and start gaining income from the very moment users download their products. Because of the readily available market from the telco, marketing costs decrease, and product awareness is higher.

2. Subscription 2.0

The subscription model is not new in mobile game monetization. But developers are beginning to layer this strategy on top of the in-app purchase (IAP) strategy for their mobile games. The intention is to create a “premium” experience for users as they gain access to exclusive content and products. Players have easier time deciding on which offer to buy. They simply pay a small fee to ensure a premium gameplay experience.

With this strategy, you could convert new fans who are often looking for good IAP deals into subscribers, or you could use subscription to create a loyalty program for high value users. Other benefits of a subscription model include creating a steady revenue stream, nurturing a loyal customer base, and potentially better retention of users.

Whichever strategy you use, the key to successful mobile game monetisation is collaboration with the right business partner who has the networks and resources to support your goals.

At Apigate, we understand the importance of content monetisation for game publishers and merchants. As part of Axiata, a leading Asian telco group, Apigate’s end-to-end API platform solution is able to offer game publishers the ability to target, convert and own the SEA gaming market.

Talk to us to find out how Apigate can link you to potential customers through our close links with mobile operators across Asia.