Telecoming Case Study

Telecoming is a Spanish company specialized since 2008 in the development of carrier billing technologies aimed at promoting digital consumption. The company’s core business areas are payment technologies and digital entertainment, driven by content partnerships and performance advertising.

The Challenge

After consolidating its position in Europe, Telcoming looked to break into Asia using Malaysia as the entry point to the region and incorporating a new service line to their DCB platform. Home to over 4 billion people across 48 countries, this would be a massive undertaking on their own. Telecoming needed a partner that was well established in the region that could provide the necessary support and integration facilities. Telecoming used Apigate’s get AOCToken, charge Status and refund and integrated these with PHP in their in-house payments platform.

The Solution

For Telecoming, the key to breaking into Asia would be to partner with Apigate. Apigate opens the door to 3.1 billion connected users in its footprint through a single integration point. Apigate had the global reach along with the local knowledge and integration experience that would help Telecoming provide their groundbreaking services to Malaysian customers.

The Result

While it is too early to attribute specific revenue growth figures to Telecoming’s partnership with Apigate, it has provided Telecoming the support to enter a brand-new market and increase its reach much faster.