Introducing Apiflex, Apigate’s Partner Bundling Platform for Customer Acquisition and Retention.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Apigate, a trusted provider to Telco Operators and Digital Merchants for reach, acquisition and monetisation, today announced the launch of its new dynamic content bundling platform “Apiflex”.

Apiflex enables Digital Merchants and Telco Operators to co-create rich content and service offerings that, together, are more appealing and offer better value to end users and at the same time, tackle the rising cost of digital marketing and sales leaving them to focus on growing and retaining their respective customer base.

Recent analyst reports have shown that Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has rocketed nearly 50% over the past five years for both B2B and B2C companies. Notwithstanding other pressures already placed on businesses today, balancing the ever-rising CAC with the monetization of customers has become a key factor for business survival for Digital Merchants. This together with the Telco clients who operate in saturated markets need differentiation to Acquire & Retain their customers. This is where bundling plays a crucial role and Apiflex helps businesses take advantage of this.

Simply put, Apiflex effectively combines two separate offerings into a single offer, providing an attractive bundle to the end consumer. The Bundling Models through the platform offer new and attractive ways for co-marketing, which ultimately lowers the cost of reaching, acquiring and maintaining customers.

Raja Mansukhani, Apigate’s Senior Vice President of APAC, said, “At Apigate, our endeavor has always been to innovate and create products with a ‘Problem to Resolve’ mindset. Apiflex is one more such offering which helps to create the perfect combination of reduced Cost of Acquisition with higher conversion rates for Digital Merchants and at the same time creates differentiation for our Telco clients to cater for the ever-increasing digital content demand by their end customers. We are excited with the introduction of this new product and hope this delivers significant value to our partners and clients and to their end consumers.” 

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