Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform Assists Online Merchants To Increase Their Customer Base

In the last two years, buying habits has changed throughout the world. Most consumers have adapted to the new normal, including where they shop and how they pay. Many businesses have adapted as well, establishing an online presence in order to reach their audiences.

While the outlook for e-commerce growth is bright, winning in this competitive retail landscape will require online (and even offline) businesses to reimagine their value propositions. Just as retail had changed, online merchants also need to find new ways attract customers, increase sales, and create loyalty. Having a strong and capable partner will certainly make a difference.

At Boost Connect, we are very excited about these developments in the online retail space as our purpose is to help clients create new synergies and monetisation opportunities. To gain the upper hand in the ultra-competitive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty for online businesses, one of the key strategies is certainly through digital vouchers.

Digital vouchers have become one of the key frontline tools in a merchant’s marketing arsenal. Research has found that nearly a third of all shoppers in 2021 purchased a new brand because they could get better value from using a digital voucher. At a time when prices of goods or services are rising, shoppers are looking to minimise the impact to their finances. Digital vouchers are a highly welcomed solution for consumers in the market today.                                                                                     

Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform offers a full end to end management of digital voucher from onboarding, real time tracking of voucher usage, inventory, performance reporting, and billing.

The Digital Voucher Platform is designed as a one stop voucher platform where merchants like telcos, ewallets and online & offline merchants have access to vouchers of different genres. With Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform, merchants can now set up promotional campaigns to reach more customers, improve sales conversion and initiate loyalty campaign to build brand stickiness

How Online Merchants Can Leverage Digital Vouchers Effectively with Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform?

Inmar’s 2021 Promotion Industry Trends Analysis and July Shopper Insights Study found that consumer adoption of digital vouchers have been rising since 2018. In fact, digital vouchers overtook paper coupons in 2020. Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform fits in with the retail industry’s massive shift to e-commerce and cashless payments.

Here are few key advantages that merchants can expect from Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform to help them gain an edge in the market.

  1. Access to a variety of ready-to-go vouchers. Merchants can easily access digital vouchers from various types of publishers, e.g. Games, Lifestyle and Entertainment, to create the right fit for their marketing strategy. This flexibility lets merchants create multiple combinations of vouchers, which can then be used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.
  1. Quick creation of voucher campaigns. Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform publishes a user-friendly catalogue to manage voucher publishers and product codes. This allows quick and easy turnaround time for online merchants to display voucher details to their end users. A robust digital voucher inventory management system automates supply and demand for peace of mind.
  1. Automated voucher inventory control. Additionally, updates to the product catalogue Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform are reflected immediately in the system. Online merchants can automate their web or app to retrieve these changes, so that users will see the availability status in real-time. This makes for a better customer experience as they won’t need to be disappointed with vouchers unexpectedly running out because of lag in updates.
  1. Easily create unique digital vouchers. Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform also makes it extremely simple for online merchants to create their own unique digital vouchers. The user-friendly interface lets merchants create the voucher in just a few taps. Once the digital voucher is created on Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform, merchants just need to retrieve the voucher codes and distribute them to their database.
  1. Simple all-in-one platform. Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform provides full end-to-end management of digital vouchers, from onboarding, real time tracking of voucher usage, inventory, performance reporting, and billing. This takes the hassle of managing the voucher campaign out of merchants’ hand, allowing them to focus on marketing.

As the e-commerce race heats up across Asia, challenges will continue to abound. However, at Boost Connect, we see many exciting opportunities in this environment. Including a sound digital voucher programme as part of your marketing strategy is a wise move in the battle of customer loyalty.

To unlock the full potential of digital vouchers for online merchants, you need the right partner and platform who understands your unique needs and goals. Contact us today for more information about how Boost Connect’s Digital Voucher Platform can help you in your customer acquisition and retention efforts.